The countdown

Less than two weeks until we are baby bound for Prague.  I have been asked by numerous people if I am as nervous this go-around as I was the last one.  My reply? Of course not!
Unless you include the nail biting that has suddenly occurred again in the last three weeks.  And the upset stomach I get whenever I think about the potential negative outcome of the procedure. Or the anxiety I feel whenever I think of traveling for a month with Ellyette.  Or the panic I feel about spending that kind of money when there are no guarantees. 
At least I can blame my sleepless nights on Ellyette reverting back to waking up during the night….Most of them anyway.  My awake nightmare of Ellyette falling into a canal kept me restless for hours last night until I googled “how many people drown in Venice canal’s every year.”  The good news?  Only seven since 1992.  And most of them were from being drunk.  The bad news?  I guess I have to worry more about Ben then Ellyette now.
But at least this time I have the ultimate confidence in our clinic.
Not to say that I was worried the first time around.....I had complete,  total a good amount of trust  with our research of clinics. However, there was still that little question in the back of my mind of what we were getting ourselves into.  After all, the internet can make anything look good.

Exhibit A


What you think you are

                        What you are
                       actually getting

Exhibit B

The date you thought you had

                                     The date you actually had

At least we know going over there this time, that while the clinic is in a back ally, it is not the type of back ally that comes with a side effect of infection or death.

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