The Warden

A warden:

"An official charged with special supervisory duties or with the enforcement of specified laws or regulations."

Ben has officially deemed me the "vitamin warden."

I'm really not sure I deserve the title. A gentle reminder every now and again when he forgets to take his vitamins doesn't really warrant a designated identity. And while I admit that every now and again the prompting has come when I am softly nudging him out of sleep with,"Hey, did you take your vitamins today? You can't forget to take them." I really don't know why he gets annoyed by this. After all, he might forget to take them if I'm not in his ear reminding him all the time, and I KNOW he wouldn't want that....

Besides, who wouldn't be happy swallowing all that liquid gold every evening. I'm sure his boys are jumping for joy with every added bit of magnesium they get. And they might even be jumping in the right direction for once. Not entirely likely as they have a mind of their own, but you never know.

To be quite honest, our vitamin intake is the one and only thing that I can actually control in the whole IVF process. If my eggs grow stronger with vitamin E and zinc, damn strait I'm going to do everything I can to pump them full of vitamin E and zinc.

Unfortunately for Ben, I took the approach of compiling a list of every vitamin with any study improving fertility and went out and bought them all. An overkill? Not if it helps us conceive Ellyette Jr. in three weeks.

In the big scheme of things, it really hasn't been too bad on Ben. Because of all his extra vitamin intake, I have made a few dinners with zero nutritional value just for him.

So Ben, when you read this. Go take your vitamins. After all, I did make you tater tot casserole, twice. And I didn't even try to hide spinach in it.

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